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November 18, 2009

Let’s get something straight first off: I did in fact debate the name “creativmynd.” The implications of claiming one’s own mind is creative are, to be sure, heavy, but I decided that enough people have confirmed this prognosis (that my mind is in fact capable of, and even prone to, creating) that I was free to proceed.

Of course, the spelling was also up for debate. Is it too coy to spell a name like “creativmynd” wrong intentionally, in an effort to confirm that the title is in fact deserved? That is to say, is it a bit too much, too soon? Should I have eased readers into my creative, um, ness, more gently?

My obvious conclusion was to charge ahead. I will assault you with creativity from the moment your eyes grace the name of my blog. It’s just who I am. I apologize profusely.

With that matter out of the way, I feel somewhat free-er to speak on the subject which I intended to blog about this evening in the first place: pizza delivery.

An addendum: My grammar is, shall we say, less that perfect. If you happen to be an editor, an english professor at an ivy league school, or someone who passed their creative writing class with a “B” or better, please just spare yourself the pain and stop reading. I can be brutal to english.

Okay, let us continue on our “Run” (the technical term for a pizza delivery) for this evening.

In case you hadn’t surmised, I deliver pizzas. Hot, steaming, greasy, toasty, toppingy, cheese-covered discs of carbohydrates and empty calories…served fresh in cardboard.  I love my job.

Why, you ask, do I enjoy a job which has been largely attributed to hippies, pot heads, and drop outs? I’ve traced it back to at least three reasons. There may be more reasons, but for now I’m sticking with just three.

Reason 1: I love freedom. As far as jobs go, you don’t get much more freedom than delivering pizzas. At a busy store like ours, you’re basically only in the kitchen long enough to get your next delivery and get out. The rest of the time, you’re free to cruise in whatever way suits you.

Reason 2: Two of my best buddies work with me. One of them got me the job. The second, like me, had the first guy get him a job too. 

Reason 3: I like people. I like watching people, interacting with people, learning from people, etc. You would not believe how many different people one meets while delivering boxes of goodies (or perhaps you can, depending on your background.)

Anyway, between driving my beat up vehicle around a college town, encourtering every possible breed of human (oh yes, there are breeds), and trying to keep it at least a little professional, I have a good time with the whole “food courier” gig (a title which was besowed on me by an emergency room security officer once…long story).

Well, I think that’s more than sufficient for my first blog ever. There’s lots I would like to impart to you, but I’m sure your brain, like mine, does not have the capacity to hold any more information…assuming you care.