Thanksgiving: Part 1

Watching a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with my wife this morning on the couch, I got to thinking…why exactly was Peppermint Pattie so mad that they were eating toast, pretzels, popcorn, and jelly beans (at least, I assume they are jelly beans. They aren’t ever named, so they’re kind of a mystery)? I mean, seriously, that’s a good meal right there.

As I was baking my pumpkin pie, I also began to wonder why we, as humans, love tradition so much. Eating turkey and pie on Thanksgiving, giving presents on Christmas, etc etc. We love our human traditions. Why? Is it the comfort of knowing what lies ahead? The memory of what lies behind? Maybe both.

Walking into a grocery store on Thanksgiving morning in one’s sweat pants to buy spices for one’s wife’s stuffing, one would expect to be the only soul in the store. Shouldn’t everyone be home baking and such? Evidently not. The place was a zoo! Pies were flying off the racks. Is that really the world we’ve come to, running by the store to grab a pie on the way to grandma’s? Are we really too busy to enjoy our holiday? Maybe we are. how sad.

I’m sure I will have a funny story or two tonight, once I get back from grandma’s, but for now, just wanted to leave you with this thought:

Enjoy Thanksgiving!



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